The inevitable goodbye :(

Hello, there. I just want to thank all of you for sticking with us till the end—yes, it IS unfortunately the end of our blog. You can still view our current posts, but we won’t be posting anymore. Here’s a reflection that sums Helping The Homeless:

Our project, Helping The Homeless NYC, aimed to spread awareness about the growing homelessness crisis in New York City. We conveyed information about the many dangerous issues that threaten homeless people on the streets. We also shedded light on the inappropriate conditions in homeless shelters. Additionally, our project proposed solutions to these problems, as well. Our project has been successful because any type of recognition (such as likes, comment, visitors, views, etc) is considered a success, no matter how insignificant it might seem.

Our project has been successful because it was recognized by a more known organization. The Instagram page “_wevegotyoucovered” followed our Instagram account and liked several of our posts. This page has about 3,000 followers, which means that it’s well-known. This satisfies our goal of spreading awareness about NYC’s homelessness problem because “_wevegotyoucovered” is a NYC non-profit campaign, just like Helping The Homeless NYC.

Another reason why our project has been successful is how our petition received recognition, as well. Helping The Homeless petition received 26 signatures. Although this might seem little, but that’s 26 more people who know more about the NYC homelessness issue. Furthermore, the petition received one comment stating “yall I hope this works.” 

To sum up, knowing how our petition, Instagram account, and blog posts were recognized by others generates the conclusion that Helping The Homeless NYC has been successful. This is due to the comments and signatures that our petition received as well as the known organizations that recognized our Instagram page. If I had to do my project again, I would’ve promoted my petition and blog on my personal Instagram account because it has 1.3k followers, unlike our official Instagram page, which has about 55 followers only.


Helping the Homeless NYC

The overall goal of our project was to promote the problems that homeless people go through everyday. This is because living in New York, everywhere you go you see people outside, starving, outside freezing during the winter, finding shelter in subway trains. This is not only regarding the conditions that homeless people have on the streets but the conditions in the shelters are even worse. The main goal of our project was to encourage and engage people in this very important topic that affects everyone, everyday. This was a group semester project were I got to work with 3 other people to shed light on this important issue.  On our blog we even talked about some necessary steps that people could take such as locations to some local homeless shelters, tips on what you could donate and what could be really helpful during this time of need. I feel like our project was somewhat successful as we got 26 signatures on our blog. This was important because it showed us that people want to engage in this situation.

Our petition was somewhat successful as we obtained only 26 signatures. We however didn’t receive any constructive comments on our petition but someone commented “y’all, I hope this works” . I feel like we could have promoted our petition more often than we did. This is because even though we made blog posts about our petition we didn’t get much views on that website. Another thing is that we posted/promoted our petition on social media and even though we did that about 10 times, we still didn’t get much signatures from that.

Our blog wasn’t successful at all because of the little amount of views that we received. Our most popular post only got 12 views, 36 people viewed our homepage, and we only have  4 followers on our website. That isn’t a success. Our main goal for this was to raise awareness on this topic through our blog but we didn’t have much of an impact. Our post popular post was posted on March 28, 2019 and it was a meme. We noticed that memes were more popular than our informative posts and our petition posts. Overall, we could have focused more on our petition and on making funnier and better memes.  

In conclusion, during the time of the spring semester, we engaged in this project to help our fellow homeless people find themselves in better living conditions. This project was very important to help shed some light to this everyday topic. Even though we didn’t get much followers and views on our blog, we still made a small contribution and hope that it makes a difference, even if it is small. Our petition had only 26 signatures and that also wasn’t very successful. Some things that we could have done to make the project more successful would be to send out an email to the whole school asking to sign our petition with a direct link. This would have helped us gained a lot more signatures.

Goodbye <3

The overall goal of our project was to spread as much awareness for the homelessness issues in NYC. Our project was not as successful as we had hoped it to be. We were expecting the issue to spread a bit more than it did.

The views on our blog posts were a moderate amount. For instance, the largest views we got on a post was 12 views. It wasn’t as high as we expected and 12 views in our opinion isn’t the most we could’ve gotten. It definitely did not go mainstream or get the attention of many people. However, at least it reached a good handful of people which is still a start.

The signers on our petition was pretty well. For example, we received 26 signers which is a good amount of people. This proves that people actually care about our about our cause. Furthermore, we received one comment stating “Y’all I hope this works.” which further proves that people cared about our cause.

Overall, according to our evidence, our project was not as successful as we hoped. Although we received 26 signers, our largest view on a post was only 12 viewers. If I had to do the project again, I would’ve put more care when it came to promoting our blog. I would’ve reached out to more people. Furthermore, I would’ve put more entertaining and click-baiting. This would’ve caught the attention of even more people and hopefully would have brought in more views and petition signers. Thanks for whoever stuck with us, its been a good journey but its time to say goodbye.

Reflection :)

Over the course of this semester, me and other students have been working on a project regarding helping the homeless in NYC. Unfortunately, my group and I weren’t as successful as we wanted to be. Our blog posts got very little views. The most views a blog post got was 12 views, which isn’t a lot. In addition, the petition got 26 signatures. I think if we got more signatures it would’ve been better. On social media, specifically instagram, we gained 55 followers. This was somewhat a success since other accounts that want to help the homeless followed us and commented on our posts. The comments they made were positive and they also gave us other things to think about and discuss in our posts.

The overall goal of the project is to help the homeless in Nyc, however, the blog posts can apply to other places around the US and even the world. I don’t feel that our project was a successful as we wish it would be, however, our social media posts did have a bigger impact on people than our blog posts, since people use social media more. In addition, people also signed our petition, which shows that people want to help the homeless.

The project was surrounding helping the homeless in NYC. We hoped to help the homeless in NYC since the number of homeless has been increasing over the years. As people in that live in NYC, we should help out people that are less fortunate than us and give them hope.

In conclusion, over the course of this project, i was able to gain knowledge on issues the homeless face in NYC. I believe that if we were able to promote our blog posts more, our project would be more successful. If i were to do this again, i would also promote our blog posts on our social media platforms such as facebook and twitter. In addition, i would probably emphasize the fact that people should go and check out our blog posts.

Weekly meme? Thought you’d never ask!

PLEASE, don’t be like those who pass by homeless people everyday without taking action. Don’t be like those who are capable of helping but still won’t do it. Let us face our problems and not neglect them because although you might think this is someone else’s problem right now, it’s very likely for it to be yours tomorrow. HELP HELP HELP—in every way possible!


The reasons for homelessness are deeper than just “getting a job.” some people are incapable of working and are unable to earn money. People such as ones with disabilities, mental disorders etc. are sometimes unable to work. We should never judge someone because of their state and instead help them out. Everyone deserves a home.